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Located in the city of Kaboudarahang, 85 km to the north of Bu-Ali Sina University's main campus in Hamadan city, capital of the province, it is considered one of the most successful faculties of the university, as the reputation of admittance of its graduates to the most prestigious universities of the country proceeds its academic sophistication. The faculty aims to train and educate a professional and committed workforce through quantitative and qualitative development and the admittance of its graduates to the most prestigious universities for higher education.  promising

The faculty was established in 2010 with the effort and endeavors of the then authorities in the area of 7400m2 located at the former municipal building which was dedicated to Bu-Ali Sina University. The faculty was establish to fulfill the purpose of training and educating professional and committed individuals particularly in the fields of civil, architectural and urban engineering for the betterment of the city of Kaboudarahang and in continuance of the long-term planning of the University.

The first program taught in the Faculty was civil engineering which has been of the main and most popular disciplines of the Department of Engineering. The program was at first named Road and Building construction engineering, which was renamed civil engineering, after the universities of the country re-opened in 1982. It was in the year 2013 that urban engineering was added to the programs of the University. The students are admitted to the University through the nationwide examination into daily or second term programs. The first groups of candidates admitted to this particular Faculty in civil engineering program started in the year 2010 and graduated in 2014. Throughout it's not so long history, the Faculty has always benefitted from the most elite and outstanding professors and students in order to present the most sophisticated and well-trained engineers, each of which are being employed somewhere to provide their services to our glorious Islamic motherland. The Faculty currently has three full time faculty members, 3 funded post doctorate members, and more than 30 guest professors from various Bu-Ali Sina University campuses in two functioning disciplines. The faculty is currently functioning in the disciplines mentioned below with one more engineering program to be added soon:

BSc of civil engineering (day and evening).

BSc of urban engineering (day and evening).

This Faculty currently hosts 320 active students, 220 in civil engineering and 100 more in              urban engineering. Today, the computer sites in the Faculty and also the dormitories and the well-equipped laboratories provide unique facilities for scientific and research purposes, especially for the esteemed students.